The Perfect Stand Out Dish at Your Holiday Table

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Turkey gets all the glory on Thanksgiving Day, however we believe no feast is complete without a scrumptious dish of Aleia’s savory stuffing. We’ve been producing our gluten-free stuffing mixes for years… and now, thanks to you, it’s the number one gluten-free stuffing mix nationwide.

Keeping it simple

We bake from scratch. The transformation from using fresh simple ingredients to the finished product yields a bread cube perfect for your favorite stuffing recipe. There’s a lot of satisfaction and delight in knowing it will be the perfect stand out dish at your holiday table… and a treasure you’ll hand down from generation to generation.

Simple tips

  • Aleia’s GF Savory Stuffing and Aleia’s GF Plain Stuffing yields enough to stuff a 14-pound bird.
  • If you are going to stuff your turkey the stuffing should go into the turkey cold.
  • Outside the turkey, it’s perfect oven baked. Use a 9’ x 13’ x 2” baking dish. (Vegetarians will thank you)
  • Stuffing is best made on the day you want to serve it. To save time, chop all the vegetables 2-3 days before.
  • It’s just as delicious and convenient if made ahead. Make and bake the entire stuffing recipe ahead of time and either freeze it or refrigerate it. (Do not refrigerate uncooked stuffing).
  • Add-in any other ingredients you want to make it your own.  Sausage, mushrooms, apples, chestnuts, walnuts, oysters, prunes, dried cherries…
  • Adding the right proportions of ingredients is key. Incorporate all your favorite add-ins, just not too many. Play it safe by using about twice as much stuffing cubes as other ingredients.

Craveable Recipes

Gluten-free cranberry stuffing

This amazing, totally addicting, Aleia’s Gluten Free Savory Stuffing recipe is craveably-gratifying. Wholesome ingredients and savory herbs truly make it shine. Be ready to give out the recipe! Everyone always asks for it and there’s rarely any left.

We hope we make your holidays gluten-free and flavor-full.

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