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Gluten Free Resources


Welcome to our community of “taste buds”.  We are flavor-cravers who are members of a very taste-full tribe.  We believe in battling the bland and fighting the flavorless.  Yes!  Gluten-Free really can be Flavor-Full.

Many people are eating gluten-free diets, whether due to a sensitivity to gluten, Celiac Disease or just a healthy lifestyle choice.  Whatever the reason, you can still put flavor first.  Aleias’s always turns up the taste and bakes maximum flavor into every batch we produce.

We also want to provide support for our community by offering resources to help you to live a gluten-free lifestyle.  We want to help connect you to a taste-full tribe of people, just like you. 

National Support & Advocacy

The following links will help you to explore more information on Celiac Disease/DH and a gluten- free lifestyle:

The Internet resources listed contain valuable and relevant information. These resources are intended only as general information resources and are not intended for use in diagnosis, treatment or any other medical application. Some of these sites are for commercial purposes and may be biased to promote purchases of their products/services.