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Stuffing is a multi-seasonal experience!

Summer to fall, spring through winter. Aleia’s Gluten Free Stuffing is available and delicious all year round! Don’t just think turkey, duck, or goose to stuff!

Stuffed fish like clams, shrimp, flounder & lobster are great stuffing companions as well as meats like pork, veal & chicken. Let us not leave out vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers, eggplants, and zucchini – they are super delicious stuffed just about any time of the year!

Craveable Recipes

Spectacular Seafood Stuffing

“More Stuffing Please!”

Wake up your taste buds with a mouthful of shrimp, scallop, and crabmeat in each bite of our seafood stuffing recipe. It’s a delicious way to bring coastal flavors to your gluten-free summertime fare, OR just a great side dish to enjoy anytime!

Now then – off you go to create new ways to use stuffing! You will enjoy it a whole lot!

Succulent Baked, Stuffed Lobster

– Spectacular Seafood Stuffing – Get the RECIPE!
– Succulent Baked, Stuffed Lobster – Get the RECIPE!

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