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Big Y Loves to support Local Producers and featured us on their video page! We hosted the Big Y’s wellness team of registered Dietitians, Carrie Taylor and Andrea Luttrell along with Matt Gordon Big Y’s Natural Food Buyer, and Bree O’Neil, Big Y Foods Social Media Specialist! It was an amazing day.

We introduced them to the team of people that make the company and delighted in highlighting how we use the highest quality, fresh, simple ingredients to bake from scratch our gluten-free and flavor-full products! We let them get their hands into bread making and peanut butter cookie “forking”. What’s that you say? Check out the complete video on YouTube or at and on Big Y’s Living Well Facebook page.

We hope the bakery’s enticing aromas made this Local Love adventure a sweet spot for them to visit!

Thank you so much Big Y team, we are so proud to be your local partner and friends!

Craveable Recipes

Gluten-Free Chicken Cutlet SandwichWe’ve been obsessing over breaded chicken cutlets. This creation is a result a lot of extra chicken cutlets and a bunch of hungry friends. Wow, did these sandwiches taste good!

How did we put a little love into that breaded chicken cutlet sandwich? Toast Aleia’s gluten-free Farmhouse White Bread, smear with mayonnaise and layer with antipasto ingredients — roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and herbs!

Get the recipe for Aleia’s Breaded Chicken Cutlets and make your own sensational chicken cutlet sandwich!

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  1. Lea Ripa

    We are so glad we found your delicious cookies in both Stop n’Shop and ShopRite. My son goes to school at Dutchess County Community College, right next to the Culinary Institute where you studied. We are sitting together right now enjoying a cup of tea and your Peanut Butter Cookies. In fact, he just informed me that he finished the entire box in one sitting, I helped by eating three myself. I hope you are doing good, just wanted to say thank you for creating such delicious Gluten Free Cookies. The almond cookies we ate last week were delicious as well. We intend on trying all of your products in the near future. Keep up the delicious baking and creating. Lea Ripa

    1. Lallain

      Dear Janice,

      Thank you for writing to us! How nice that you are able to enjoy tea time with your son… and our peanut butter cookies! We’re truly grateful for your kind words about our products. It’s little notes like yours that make it all worth wile.

      Be well,

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