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Spring Forward for Daylight Savings!

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When clocks spring forward to daylight savings time, the sun will soon be shining, the flowers will begin to bloom, and spring will be in the air!

It arrives this Sunday. While most cell phones and other devices take care of the time change automatically, traditional clocks need to be adjusted manually. When the time changes at 2 a.m. Sunday March 10th, we all shift forward in time – 2 a.m. instantly becomes 3 a.m. On March 9th the sun sets at 6:03, and on March 30th it stays light until 7:25 pm!

And though a time change can feel exhausting for many of us, it doesn’t have to be. Once daylight savings time starts, we lose an hour of sleep; but we gain an hour of sunlight each day! Here’s to looking at the upside of things! So, grab a nighttime snack of Aleia’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and spring your clocks forward!

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Meatballs With Gluten Free BreadcrumbsCraveable Recipes

Grandma Nona’s Authentic Meatballs.

Here’s a soothing comfort meal to ease you into daylight savings time. Easy to prepare and these moist, tender, juicy delicious meatballs will be the only Italian meatball you will want to eat! They make the best spaghetti and meatballs ever!

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