School is back in session. Settle into a good groove

Get Packin’

A Bento style lunch idea – Chicken strips, red pepper sticks, hummus,  Aleia’s oatmeal raisin cookies, orange slices and blueberries.

Kids need to have the proper nutrition at lunch so that they can be at their best all day long! Send your kiddos to school with satisfying foods that will fuel them. Healthy, yummy, eye pleasing lunches will grab their attention and get them to thinking about what to eat first. It will look so darn good they’ll be coming home with an empty lunch box!

Be Prepared

We don’t have to tell you that life is busy. Bento boxes are great lunch solutions because they can be prepared ahead of time. Find time that works for you. For example, try packing lunch while you’re prepping dinner.  Make a double batch of chicken strips so you can have them for dinner, chopped into salads, wrapped into lettuce or tortillas. Create a veggie platter that can be used all week long.

Add Variety

Pack a protein for their muscles, add a fruit and hummus “dip” for veggies. Chickpeas can provide ample protein in lieu of meat. Plus, they’re a good source of soluble fiber that can play a role in managing blood sugar levels. Don’t forget carbohydrates for fast energy and brain power. A sensible lunch dessert will satisfy your young scholar’s sweet tooth all afternoon. 

Get Creative

Foods that taste good room temperature or chilled and happen to be perfect for your next bento box:

  1. Rice & beans
  2. Fried egg sandwich spinach strata
  3. Avocado & turkey sandwiches
  4. Pasta or grain salads
  5. Almond butter or cashew butter, honey & apple slices
  6. Corn & roasted tomato salad
  7. Green Beans
  8. Hummus (dip for your veggies)

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